Four Case Samples Demonstrate the Power of Choice

by Merrily Manthey, M.S.


"I didn’t know you had all this here. I had seen ads for acupuncturists and natural doctors, but I knew there was no way I could afford it …"


"I saw a story about this clinic on the news. I am so happy to be able to see both types of doctors and nurses at the same place."


"The acupuncture had really helped with my pain. It was great to find a doctor that would actually talk to my acupuncturist."


"I can’t believe I can get this in Kent, without having to pay an arm and a leg!"



Patients report significant positive change as well as gratitude after being treated for their health problems at the landmark King County Natural Medicine Clinic in Kent, Washington. Open not quite one year, there have been 2099 patient visits as of June 27, 1997, who have benefited from the natural medicine treatments available.


Thanks to Kent Pullen, King County Councilmember

These impressive results are made possible thanks to the leadership of Kent Pullen, King County Councilmember. Dr. Pullen championed the unanimously-passed Motion which lead to the establishment of this important publicly-funded clinic. His commitment to bringing choice to low-income and undeserved patient populations is already reported as bearing out what many believe; natural medicine will reduce human suffering.


In four example cases recently reported by the clinic, patients have been dramatically helped with symptoms ranging from mood swings and hot flashes associated with menopause, shoulder pain due to arthritis, hypertension, chronic sinusitis, and chronic lower back pain.


One patient, for example, said his conventional physician had exhausted all conventional treatment options to treat his very limiting chronic back pain. The pain was so severe he found it difficult to work. His physician, one of the excellent providers of the Kent Community Health Center in which the Natural Medicine Clinic resides, recommended acupuncture. The patient reports that his pain level has decreased significantly, and he is able to maintain a much more active lifestyle.


Another patient suffered with severe chronic sinusitis, that did not respond to conventional medical treatment. She was ultimately referred to a specialist and underwent sinus surgery, with all the attendant suffering therefrom. Several months after the surgery she came to the clinic reporting that the operation had only resulted in minimal improvement. Her primary care medical doctor referred her to a naturopath who recommended nutritional supplements and homeopathy to get at the root cause of the problem. She is now almost symptom free. Her MD states that when he saw her recently "she was positively glowing and very happy with the results."



To contact the clinic: 253-852-2866

To contact Kent Pullen: 206-296-1009

For more information: Merrily Manthey, 206 718 3334


King County Natural Medicine Clinic Update

Providers learn from each other

by Merrily Manthey, M.S.


Dramatic learning is taking place at the King County Natural Medicine Clinic, in Kent, Washington. Comments reported by both conventional as well as natural medicine providers show the benefit of an integrated health delivery system. Let their own words speak for themselves:


"I am learning so much from the natural medicine providers. I am beginning to integrate these modalities into my practice. Things like acupuncture and supplements may be really effective with fewer side effects and much less expense for the patients." – conventional medical provider


"I always want to give the patient the safest, most effective and least expensive therapy. Access to natural medicine supplements is giving me new tools I can add to my practice." – conventional medical provider


"It’s really enjoyable to be working in a place where the patient can get whatever they need, whether it’s a natural remedy, all allopathic prescription or a combination of the two. The patient is able to receive what’s appropriate for them medically. The patient is able to get what they desire. Working in an integrated clinic has made it easier to obtain second opinions and allopathic prescriptions when they are needed. In the past I’ve often known what allopathic treatment was need but access was a problem." – natural medicine provider


"I was skeptical at first, but then I got angry. There are hundreds of well-done studies which prove the effectiveness of many of these supplements. I spend hundreds of dollars of my own money every year on journals and conferences, yet I have never been exposed to this information before we opened this clinic and began our own inservices (training). Something as simple as soy has been shown to reduce the incidence of breast cancer, vasomotor symptoms, heart disease and osteoporosis in women, and prostate cancer in men, but soy is never mentioned at conferences or in the literature. Yes, there are unproven, probably ineffective natural therapies out there, but the same can be said of conventional medicine." – conventional medical provider

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