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Where is the Wellness Capital of America? Ask now!

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The City that Chose Health!


The cikhall1.jpg (47338 bytes)ty of Kent, Washington, hopes to become the Wellness Capital of America. In January 1996, the Kent City Council passed Resolution 1449 which read: "Whereas, policies at all levels of government are changing to properly acknowledge the efficacy, professionalism, and licensure of natural medicine practitioners, the City of Kent desires to be come the home to the most comprehensive array of alternative and natural medicine services in the United States." Mayor Jim White remarked, "This is a dream come true."


Bastyr University

Bastyr University is an internationally-recognized leader in natural medicine education, research and clinical services. They are the only accredited multidisciplinary institution of natural medicine in the United States, the first National Institutes of Health Office of Alternative Medicine Center for Alternative Medicine Research, highly experienced in natural medicine outcomes research with 18 current research studies, over a year of experience in providing fully-integrated care for HIV/AIDS patients (every patient seen by a medical doctor, naturopathic doctor, acupuncturists and nutritionist, all at the same time), 20 years' experience in providing all forms of science-based natural medicine health care services, and, as an institution that attracts diverse students from all over the world to teach healing traditions evolved from very difficult cultures, experience with the challenges of diversity and ethnicity. For information contact  Bastyr University.

Telephone Bastyr 425-823-1300 or Fax 425-823-6222

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